Alignment Planner

When we are aligned,
all else falls into place

We must be as intentional about our JOY as we are about our goals. I have found that when we are organized, well planned, as well as spiritually and physically balanced, we are able to experience more joy in our lives.

It is in that spirit that I have designed this 90 day alignment planner to assist you on your daily journey to joy and victory.

You'll love everything about this planner! Its literally everything you need to balance
a busy life, while holding you accountable for your personal well-being daily.

The Planner Features

  • Daily task lists for setting goals
  • Hour to hour scheduler for planning a structured day
  • An Alignment Map to Guide You On Your Journey
  • Alignment checklist to utilize for self-love and maintenance habits
  • Daily Gratitude Bubble to help you count your blessings daily
  • Daily Release Bubble to help you unload that which no longer serves you daily
  • Weekly Reflection page to track your journey to experiencing more joy in your life
  • Motivational Quotes along the way to keep you going strong!

If you are someone

who wears several different hats in your life and you really want to devote more attention to taking care of YOU, while still being laser focused on goal setting and making progress, over the next 3 month period this planner might be a great fit. Because it is undated, you can start it at anytime - no need to buy a 12 month predated planner and only use part of it. The pivotal part of this planner is the alignment map and checklist. In tandem, they can be used for all things dedicated to self-care and a better YOU; meal planner, fitness schedule, vitamins and supplements, meditation mantras, and planning fun experiences that Ignite more joy in your life daily.

Alignment Design


  • With two full page spreads, you'll have the space to dream, plan and write down your goals, intentions & work tasks.
  • Monthly reminders help you go back and review your goals to check your progress throughout the year.
  • Use the monthly spreads to project plan and focus your efforts to stay on track.
  • Keep track of important dates so you can be fully present for life's celebrations.


  • Create your day by giving thanks in the Gratitude Practice.
  • Prioritize your To-do list on the Intentions Checklist.
  • Pre-plan your daily commitment to self-care on your Alignment Checklist .
  • Keep on schedule with your hour to hour commitments.
  • Unload any toxic energy that is no longer serving you with the Daily Release Practice.


  • The weekly reflection journal helps you document how far you've come on your journey to joy.
  • Take inventory of your personal well-being and growth.
  • Create new weekly growth challenges for yourself.
  • Each week is infused with a victory thought to propel you into your personal power for the upcoming week.

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