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Are You Ready To Reclaim Your Personal Power, Feel Excitement & Passion Again, & Embrace Abundance in Your Life!?

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It’s time for you to stop waiting
for joy to show up in your
life and start creating it for yourself!

JOY is not a destination; it is a constant state of


Life may have dealt you some pretty serious blows and stolen your smile. Past trauma, intense responsibilities of children and family life, coupled with demanding or unfulfilling careers, can be draining. It can make you feel like you are in survival mode with no time or space for personal happiness. You don’t have to stay there;

JOY is a can survive, or you can THRIVE. You can exist, or you can LIVE and experience each day with a renewed spirit and excitement about what is to come. It starts with YOU making a choice to Ignite JOY.

Inside of Ignite Joy Series, you will:

  • Awaken to the realization that you are the only person blocking your blessings, and discover that JOY is a choice you get to make. Press reset!
  • Learn to let go of energy vampires and emotional baggage that you have allowed to dwell within you, freeing up space for MORE of what you want to flow to you.
  • Learn how to silence the noise and paralyzing inner voice that is stopping you from elevating your vibration and rising to your highest potential.
  • Face up to what is not working in your life and develop the courage to change it while getting clear and claiming exactly what you want.
  • Discover the power behind speaking life over yourself and your goals.
  • Create a “purpose map” to give you clear direction on how to find and align with your purpose.
  • Learn how to be a light bringer, and how developing that mindset shifts everything around you in your favor.
  • Harmonize your energy to a constant state of JOY where you can manifest the life you always dreamed of!

Claim the spectacularly joyous life you want and deserve, with me as your guide.

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for IGNITE JOY with

Egypt Sherrod for only
3 payments of $297

Did you know that the lives we live today are
a direct reflection of what we did, said,
or seeds we sowed yesterday?

If you want to change your life,
all you have to do is change your mind and align your


The secret to achieving success in any area
of life is personal development!

Meet your Transformation Coach, Egypt Sherrod:

I realized I had gone from being a girl to womanhood when I started taking responsibility and owning my actions and contribution to my mess. Later I awakened to the reality that I am responsible for my own happiness. No one else can bring me joy; it must radiate from within. What we attract to ourselves is a direct response to what is going on inside of us. Deal with the mess, and the universe aligns the rest.

-Egypt Sherrod

You can reclaim

your personal power, raise your vibration, attract the love you want,
and manifest the joyous life you dreamed of and deserve!

My mission is to create a space where women are empowered to live a life that’s authentic, fearless, fulfilled, healthy, wealthy, and harmonious. I envision a society wherein this is considered the highest standard of living. One where we teach and train our children this standard from birth to blossom and this way of living is nurtured at home and in the workplace.

After years of working as a TV & radio personality and in the real estate industry, I've come to realize that many of us are moving but making no progress. We exist- but without JOY. We work- but without a sense of purpose. People want to attract love, money, more substantial careers, and more fulfilling relationships… and I’ve figured out a program that works.

The primary problem is caused by the old mental programs of the past that slow us down and take our energy away,… not breaking habit loops, not acting with courage, and not believing in yourself. You must be willing to examine the stories that you tell yourself about why you are where you are today. My goal is to help you design a blueprint for your life that will become your roadmap to happiness and true JOY!

Finally, your personal navigation system to attracting all you desire and deserve in life! Join me on this journey, and let’s IGNITE JOY!

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Take a look inside of Ignite Joy:

A 6-Week Course Designed to Help Women Experience More Fulfilling Lives By Doing The Internal Work To Shift Their Focus, Perspective, and Realm of Possibilities...So They Can IGNITE Their God-Given Fire Within,

Allowing Them To Live More Joyous & Purpose-Filled Lives.

Module 1: The Purge

To truly move forward into a state of constant joy, you have to identify and purge everyone and everything that is draining your life energy, all that no longer serves your higher good. Toxic emotional baggage, energy vampires, life-draining activities, cluttered living spaces, haunting memories, seeds of bondage all carry emotional and spiritual weight and must all be brought up to the surface so we can clear them from your sphere and make room for your future. Shedding those energy blockers is the very first step to Igniting Joy. Putting your health and happiness first is nothing to feel guilty about.

Module 2: The Release

Nothing worth having comes easy, and this stage of the process involves a great deal of deep inner work that involves forgiving, releasing, blessing, and growing. In this portion of the series, you will learn how to sift the darkest corners of your mind for the debilitating memories that still haunt you and affect your life even today. Trauma that occured even as a child can implant on your subconscious like a seed and grow into a large ugly tree that casts a shadow over your life if you let it. In the RELEASE, we cut it down to the root and actively release all the false narratives that have held you back from your highest potential. Letting go of that energy will cost you nothing while holding onto it will indeed cost you everything. So let’s do this together. Allow yourself to get to Happy!

Module 3: The Enemy Within

This module is one of my favorites, but it’s also one of the toughest. In the last module we started the journey to joy by healing old wounds and getting rid of emotional baggage that has been blocking our flow of energy. In this module, we are going to be looking at the enemy within and preparing for battle. We will be dispelling false narratives in this module. This is some of the most important work you can do on yourself. It closes the door on the lies in your head. And I can’t mince words with you, what you will find is now that you are learning the truth of who you are and becoming someone new as a result of it, you will come under attack. But I declare you victorious!

Module 4: Alignment

Life is meant to be so much more than simply just a race to pay bills and maybe one day retire with some money in the bank. Life is meant to be lived to the fullest, with so many choices and opportunities for growth. To be spent with amazing people, in a constant state of joy and with deep purpose and meaning running through everything you do. Alignment is the long term solution that you are seeking for the problems in your life that you didn’t even know you had. And in this module, I’m going to help you find that meaning by connecting fully to your why.

Module 5: The Shift

What are we shifting, you ask? Everything! Shifting out of limiting beliefs and into empowering beliefs. Shifting into a greater sense of self-worth. Shifting our definition of success. Shifting into gratitude, submission, abundance, healing. The SHIFT is the next step on your journey to a higher level of vibration, where you are not only changing your mind about who you are and what yoyu deserve, but also about what you think you need to possess or accomplish in order to experience joy. The Shift is an exciting and pivotal module because, unlike the Purge or the Release, you do not have to revisit the old. In fact, you shall never revisit those old thoughts and emotions again. We have put those to bed, and now you get to turn the page and lay the groundwork for what you want to attract moving forward.

Module 6: The Vibration

In the Vibration, you will actively be changing the energy that exists around who you are. It is a state of constant being, where you can start to manifest all that your heart desires. You will be taking the wisdom that you have gathered over your journey, from this course thus far, from your elders, from your own skin, and applying it in such a way that it becomes an active part of shifting your entire energy.

The miracle is not in the cure that will suddenly remove all of the stresses from your life. The miracle is in the ability to now be able to deal with all the stresses of life from a higher level of existence and a higher vibration, whereas the circumstances no longer control you.